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FNaF 1 Download PC Version Free

FNaF 1 Download PC Version Free

FNaF 1 Download PC Version Free- The game centers that take place behind the restaurant of pizza which becomes popular because of kids and parents. It provides you a little information of start but if you want to know the message, you move towards the former security guard who will tell you that what happens at that night. You can get this game; if you want to survive you must stay first night and night tonight to remaining or staying in this game. It delights the kids by special characters whom we can kill and encountered any person.

FNaF Download PC Version Free
FNaF Download PC Version Free


Game’s properties

It has many challenges and difficult tasks and also very exciting features in it. It provides functionality that you may see the cameras to watch that where are the characters are found in the specified restaurant. This procedure requires seeing the eleven cameras for security. This game provides features that you may perform to get through the night and to perform certain operations in it like to turn light on and off when the creature gets closer to the room.

You lose little power every time when you turn the lights on or off. But if you want to fulfill your power, you must attain only five nights in Freddy which gives you the power to stay in this game. In this game, each level requires to stay only in six-hour but the speed of game increase with time when the player plays it faster and the speed of time is faster than the real time.

If you want to end the game’s level you may survive until 6 a.m. This game’s trial contains one level. It contains a special facility to attract the user or the player. It has many animatronic creatures action amuse the persons and have very attractive facilities like turn lights on or off and so many other features. Get FNaF 1 Download PC Version Free in just single click.


  • This game contains very horror or scary scenes or moments and also includes jumps.
  • It increases its difficulty and scary moments when the level increase.
  • It will attract the user through its creepy scenes.
  • It adds the spooky environment with special effects of music and sounds.
  • This game includes the category of scary games which is suitable for old players and teenagers.

FNaF 1 Download PC Version Free

FNaF 1 Download PC Version Free Space Required

Here are all details about downloading requirement and others…

This game operating System Windows 7,8, 8.1, 10 or higher others
Central Processing Unit 2.0 GHz Pentium Four or any
Ram Memory 1 GB and above
Size of Setup 220 MB
Minimum Required space for hard disk Just 250 MB

More detail about FNaF 1 Download PC Version Free

An excellent way to play this game is from Scott Cawthon that hooked the user or player. It contains very scary characters including Freddy, Bonnie and Chica all of that also contain bad obstacles and persons with the scary scene. If you don’t have time much to taking the harder challenge then take Freddy which is a little easier than others. It contains suspense scenes that are adventures for anyone who wants to play this game or to reach on the maximum levels. Usually, this game is the masterpiece of designs which is understated.

FNaF 1 Download PC Version Free

Download The FNaF 1 PC Game full Setup free of cost

Here we provide the complete link of this game for you. You can click on the download link below in order to start to download free. Pleas must be share valuable feedback with us in the form of comments given below. And more need our support do not hesitate to this article us.

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