Slot Machine Game Available Online Called Moon Princess: Christmas Kingdom

Reviews of the Online Slots Game Moon Princess Christmas Kingdom

Play’n GO has released its seasonal video game that is based on an anime. The game maker has begun spreading the holiday cheer by giving you access to a sequel to one of its most popular slots that has a festively themed twist. The game in question is called Moon Princess Christmas Kingdom.

The 5×5 slot comes with a Cluster Pays concept and is incredibly jam-packed with features, both of which add to the highly unpredictable action of the game. You will gain immensely from the Wild symbol, which fulfills several functions, but you will also make use of the Win Multiplier, as well as the three unique additional features and the free spins. Stay with us as we go through this Moon Princess Christmas Kingdom review to learn more about the game before you try it out for yourself! Of course, the slot can be played on any device at the top-ranked online casinos, but before you do that, read this review first!

Guide to Playing the Online Slot Game Moon Princess Christmas Kingdom

You may play the Moon Princess Christmas Kingdom slot on any device, regardless of where you are, and load it up to play it. Because it is an HTML5 game, it can run on any desktop or mobile device, but it is optimized for use on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. This is because, as you probably already know, Play’n GO puts a lot of effort into developing slot machines that can be played while the player is on the move.

After you have loaded it for the first time, you will see the wintry landscape behind the reels, a castle peeping out from the upper left corner, pine trees on both sides of the reels, and snow everywhere. You’ll see images from anime and Christmas decorations on the reels, which are somewhat see-through in appearance. When you access the paytable, which is where the symbols are located, you join the game by clicking on the first control button, which is labeled with a I and is located to the left of the reels. The low-paying Christmas tree decorations, ornaments, are what you perceive as the low-paying options. Then, you come across the three high-paying anime sisters known as the princesses, who may provide you with up to ten times your original wager for solo combinations or five times your original wager for combined combos.

Turning to the right brings up the Balance display, which is followed by the Bet Configuration area, which allows for the placement of bets ranging from 0.20 to 100 credits. The Bet display comes up next, which shows your current wager at all times, and is followed by the Play and Autoplay buttons, respectively. Finally, you’ll see the huge board and the mistletoe to the left of the reels. The Multiplier values that are shown on the mistletoe will be discussed in just a moment, so stay tuned for that. Every time the reels are spun, one of the three sisters will be standing to the right of them, and she will give you a different modifier.

Bonus Features and Free Spins in the Moon Princess Christmas Kingdom Slot Game

To begin, it is necessary for us to discuss the mechanics of this Cluster Pays system and the benefits that accompany it. You may make winning combinations by aligning three or more symbols of the same kind in a row in either the vertical or horizontal direction, and you can begin at any point on the board. The winning symbols will be eliminated, and the remaining symbols on the reels will slide down into new positions, giving players the opportunity to earn further prizes. After a winning combination of three of a type is removed from the board, a Wild card is put in the middle spot that was previously vacant. When it does land, you should expect the Wild to function as a substitute for any symbol other than the Scatter.

Let’s talk about the mistletoe now. In the course of each spin of the reels, it is applied to five different spots on the reels at random. In the event that you are successful in winning over a mistletoe, the Win Multiplier will begin to increase by 1+. Between each round, it will be reset. After then, the Girl Power bonus round might be activated at any time during a spin that did not result in a winning combination. At this point, one of the three princesses that are located to the right of the reels will choose one of three different modifiers to bestow upon you: Love (which adds one or two more Wilds), Storm (which removes two sets of symbols from the grid), or Star (transforming a set of symbols into another set of symbols).

There is still another unique feature available here, and it’s called the Trinity Feature. It is activated when you collect even just a single Fox Scatter. You receive 1 Free Spin. Either the What, the Fox feature, which adds a Scatter at random after the spin is over, or the original spin itself may result in the appearance of the Scatter. Both of these outcomes are possible. If the Trinity Feature is engaged when you are not currently holding a victory, the Girl Power feature will become active once again, but this time it will continue until all three princesses have given you a modifier. If you are successful in removing all of the symbols from the grid while playing this feature, you will activate the Moon Princess Christmas Kingdom extra round and be awarded a reward that is equal to fifty times your initial wager.

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